Monday 7 October 2013

196 Ziepniekkalns 27.04.2010

Last, and nowhere near the least, I got to this place. Last year I saw that place on the map, it was evident that this is a block area, but I didn't know which one. Watching the map, I thought that it's a smaller area from 1950's or something. When I got there, I was astonished by the beauty of those blocks! It was like Zolitūde, but having a bit different colour solution. Now I think that Zolitūde and Ziepniekkalns are the most beautiful block areas in Rīga, Pļavnieki is nr. 2. They are just fantastic! Incredibly nice! Masterpiece of soviet time architecture!

I was walking closer and these are the first houses, not typical to Ziepniekkalns though (but typical in Latvia).

Very cool new house.

Hmm, is this old or new?

So nice houses! Amazing colours.

And a video from this point. Youtube video address is -- I couldn't add it here because the search didn't find my video (even when I typed the exact title, it found irrelevant videos for that) and didn't show any of my own videos either. Youtube video has better quality.

I am breathless...

Amazing views.

I took another video while standing here, Youtube link is

Gobsmacking view!

The light blue buildings belong to the other part of Ziepniekkalns.

Now can you imagine something like that!

I heard somebody speaking, but didn't pay much attention, just took a photo looking down. Later I discovered that there were some suspicios people. Thankfully I didn't see them any more closely than this.

Gorgeous view, there's a similar one in Pļavnieki, also in Zolitūde.

I didn't have much time for this blue part. It doesn't look that nice, but still, it's massive.

There's a similar view at the edge of Mustamäe in Tallinn.