Sunday, 11 November 2018

600 Yugoslavia and Moscow in 1950's from books

For 600th post I put here something not so common, excerpts from two old books that I had a chance to view briefly last summer. These are bigger photos so you could see the text too if you want to see bigger. Some curved buildings are not actually curved, instead the paper was. I could take photos of all pages I was interested in.

Yugoslavia in a German book 1958.

Moscow in a 1956 book.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

599 Mustjala 02.07.2017

Most lovely walk in a quiet place called Mustjala (Blackleg) in Saaremaa.

I've seen such oddity also in Otepää.

Some more photos of other buildings too.

Local shop.

There was a nice cafeteria+handcraft shop inside this house, we ate lunch here. I am still eating that incredibly spicy chilli-mustard that I bought here (Mustjala Mustard). Even tasting it a bit in the shop put my nose running.