Saturday 1 April 2023

754 Põlva 15.06.2022, part 2 of 2

Getting to the new open square area, partly used for the market as it turned out.

I took more photos of the local market buildings, built at the beginning of 1990's I think, at least by the style. Soon after something was done there, just a refreshment or something new, I'll see next time. I'm afraid one day this very special style of 1990's is considered valuable and special (like we value the 18th century for example) and it is too easily torn down in the current time. But from a practical point of view: who's going to take these, preserve well, make it a museum and put the market to some other place? That also sounds unrealistic.

This used to be white and red.

This house was torn down later.

Former main building of Põlva Piim. Some dairy stuff is still made here I think.

The railway station.

A monument for people who were deported to Siberia in 1940's using the railway.

Inside of this building.

The local Coop shop building also has this nice place with good pizza.

Back in the centre.

Former cinema, now nightclub called Kino (Cinema).

A relatively new building for school.

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