Saturday 1 April 2023

752 Mustamäe with sunsets in December 2021


Big snowfall

So eventually the sun came out:

But 20 minutes later it was like that (possibly darker):


Ehitajate tee.

I really like this photo!


Mind the snowflake.


Only few half rotten rowanberries for the cute blackbird left... The ground is cold and covered, no worms and bugs available in this time of the year.

In the same day I saw one of the strongest halos ever!

Already view from the ground was stronger and had more arcs than usual.

This is the upper part, another circle forms there sometimes.

Coming back home I saw this:

I knew the sun was moving right so eventually it will cover that chimney, if it lasts.

40 minutes later.

It all depended on the camera's settings how bright or not it actually looked. For the eye, it looked similar to this:

When setting the picture darker, it looked unreal (as before):

Later I saw the pillars on light sources which also happens sometimes, these are formed by other types of ice crystals. So there were a lot in the air in that day.


Technical university, former library building.


After another snowfall, the park of Parditiik (Parditiigi park / Duckpond park). First few other photos.

This is the pond.

It was so amazing there.

And few sunsets. Even December has them!




Time and again when I see something totally new, just like this thing: looks like a sun pillar but maybe it's just the clouds...

Curtains were covering the sunset.

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