Wednesday 24 November 2021

746 Pärnu 17.06.2021, part 1 of 3

In the second day of my visit I used my chance and visited areas of possible blocks where I hadn't been before.

Starting off from Vallikäär area.

Tallinn gate from 17th century. It really goes towards Tallinn.

I took the photo also because of the street name Vana-Tallinna (Old Tallinn). It is a short street starting from the Tallinn gate.

Now getting to the library again.

The hideous ad about a theatre play was also present on that building, Endla teater's main building, on the right part of the facade. So both here and later where this building is visible, I've replaced the ad with something much nicer and deeper as I did in the previous post and explained more there.

After the bridge I continued walking along Tallinna mnt.

My camera had a wrong regime turned on and so there are versions of the photo above next. It still happens when my camera is in my pocket although I try to avoid it.

And then I found this small block area that had been out of my plans completely. I hadn't even seen it on the map. These buildings are between Kilgi and Saviaugu streets.

That's something unique: probably an attempt to avoid single rectangular block by any means. Later that day I saw even more such.

The other side of the same building. What on earth is it, 3.5 storeys high?

Magnificent Roheline 64.

Walking back to the centre.

This is further away, look towards Tallinna mnt. from near Härma keskus (definitely named after Miina Härma).

Then I reached two single blocks in the middle of nowhere at Lubja street. I had already passed some bushes when I saw these.

That is weirdly minimalistic. Looks like south Europe rather.

The backside of it reveals the same strange construction I saw earlier. Looks like the builders had enough of it when finishing the left side.

This was probably better after the renovation but now in this form...

Walking further from here.

Aide ärikeskus at Lille 4.

Now I reached new interesting buildings at Voorimehe 15A and 15B.

One of the high moments of that day: what a view and colours!

Possibly these older buildings were taken as an example to build those previous ones at Lubja street.

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