Monday 8 November 2021

743 Pärnu county 2020, Pärnu and Valgeranna 2021


This is somewhere in Pärnu county but I don't know where. Just driving through with a bus.

Very nice oldie! Too bad that over are the days for such buildings. Even more, they are not considered worthy to be kept under heritage protection for future centuries. Because even much nicer and more worthisome buildings have been taken down as nothing valuable (for example "Kadriorg" cafeteria in Kadriorg and ministry building at Suur-Ameerika in Tallinn).

This looks interesting because usually the sides don't have windows.

This is another place somewhere in Pärnu county:

That's a nice house!

16.06.21 in Valgeranna. I found that since this place belongs to Pärnu city now there is public transport available to here and even further up to Audru, it costs 2€ for one end for non-resident of Pärnu and the Tallinn's green Ühiskaart works there conveniently (provided there is some money available on the card).

Looks like a golf club restaurant.

And here they come, one of the most spectacular Sovie-time buildings in Estonia.

Of course, these are newer.

Villa Andropoff, more photos and inside views in their homepage.

Pärnu is visible from the beach about 10 km away. This is 30x optical zoom.

And this is probably 120x digital zoom.

There's a strange green "fog" hovering over the sea. Maybe a certain kind of reflection in hot air? Maybe that green part is there under the horizon (earth's curvature) and reflecting in the upper air just like a mirage? Because the next photo shows a similar colour being present in the beach side.

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