Friday 7 May 2021

730 Veriora 2017-2020


The forest was partly taken down and that block was now visible from this side too.

Bricks close to the lake.

Now that block is visible through the forest even from Viluste.


There used to be a small forest in the left so there was never that light coming through like this.


An exhibition showing the art and places in Russia where people were deported in 1940's. Note the change of the station name.

That window is still not fixed! Years like that. Which means if somebody lives above that apartment, the floor will be much colder in winter.


A better photo of this exhibition. It was also made so in Põlva but I don't know if there was more.


This will be demolished soon if it is not done so already.

The former local bar house that was probably built in 1980's right next to an older house. I even remember it's interior a bit.


There used to be a house for children who attended the local kindergarten that used the whole first floor of the block in the previous and the next photos.


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