Friday 25 January 2019

627 Tartu 2018

Some photos of entering Tartu on the bus when coming from the north. Veeriku.

Close to the centre, seen from Riia street.


This used to be an abandoned garden. It is partly cleaned up so those houses at Raja street became visible like that. I stand on Tamme pst.


Taken from the train when entering from the south.

This used to be light grey, just white bricks.


Nice views from Ränduri pubi (on the second floor above the coach station).


The former archive building at J. Liivi street. Toomemägi.

Very cute!

Lower leg expert...

I took this because I remember this little wall has been in bad condition already ages ago. Unbelievable, it looks like it belongs to nobody :)

At 08.09.05 it looked like this (a photo meant to be part of a special dereliction post):

Our famous writer Tammsaare has been fired.

Close to ERM, Tagurpidi maja.

And the infamous ERM itself. My first visit to there.

Few atypical shots inside.

Back to the centre.

This reminded me Helsinki's Art Deco. Only that there it was much more prominent and further evolved. This is a meek example only but at least there is this. These two are at Era street.

And right next to these some brand new houses.

This is the house where I bought my first computer from somebody, a "386", IBM. The 20 MB hard disk got full too quickly though. Filosoofi street.

This was probably at Tiigi street. It used to be red and in bad condition.

From the train window.


Nice block at Tähe street.

This used to be a Baptist Church (Kolgata). The house is probably under protection so they had to cover the former window-cross with that red sign, Karlova teater.

Võro version of that typical sign (biting dog).

Zooming in 30x between trees reveals a new world, a new dream, like a painting:


At the beginning of Tähe street.


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