Monday 21 January 2019

626 Tartu in autumn and winter 2017

As seen from Vanemuise street.

Renovated Vaksali street.

Photos from Ihaste from the new street and bridge.

Looking back to Annelinn.

Annelinn and Eeden shopping centre.

The importance of making one's own decisions (instead of listening to friends) has been realised by somebody.

Emajõgim, what else.

The prison.

Interior of Du Nord canteen is extremely enjoyable!

It is at the left part of this building (Ringtee street).


In Tammelinn.

Starting from the centre. Tartu Hotel now has a new left side building too.



I walk to the right along Aleksandri street.

Former video-cinema and then casino Thalia (Aida 7).

Also at Aida street.

Back to Aleksandri street.

Lina street.

I walked up to Kalevi street.
Trippin in a kindergarten? No wonder Tartu has so special graffiti examples when they start so early :)

Very nice new buildings here.

Simple and beautiful.

"The dog is not evil but nerves are broken." This is direct translation, maybe there is a better phrase for the latter.

Very interesting.

I took these photos because I knew this old abandoned garden in Tammelinn will be taken down soon and houses will be built here. By now, this has already happened (no trees) so this view is gone forever.

In front of Town Hall.

See the title of the can: Sammalhabe consumed something that is made in Russia and is forbidden in Estonia. I wonder what is it. Definitely not the condensed milk as the can suggests. I'm not sure but maybe the author of this is Edward von Lõngus.

One of the two nearby bridges.

Liivi 2, the building of IT and Mathematics department of University of Tartu. The right part used to be only 2 floors high and it contained an ancient computer from 1960's or so. When I studied there, it was gone of course. But there were some Sun terminals at one edge of that big room...

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