Thursday 29 November 2018

611 Loo 25.06.2017

This was a revelation to me, such a nice block area so close to Tallinn, a satellite town. The name might not be that proper in English, but in Estonian, this has a very natural meaning: alvar. This word is used in another word 'loopealne' ( which means 'on top of an alvar' and 'Loo' came from this most probably. Wikipedia also has a nice overview photo of the whole town.

This didn't look like as in use but actually it is:

Black frames for windows make the house more interesting.

Loo is expanding.

Very beautiful new buildings.

A rarity.

That looked very interesting.

On the other side of this path.

A gem from probably 1960's where factories had such a nice architectural form. The sign says Factory of Limestone Products.

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