Sunday 25 November 2018

605 Kääriku 2016-2018

Some more moments in Kääriku in addition to two earlier posts, including some nature, and more nature in the next post. Unfortunately, at least to me, the two old soviet-time houses for sportsmen were demolished during this time and I am sorry I never asked to go inside. Now there is a brand new and modern building instead of those two.


I liked this old interior a lot. I wanted to save this before it will be changed at some point, or demolished altogether.

Not a nice discovery in the morning when the bicycle trip has to be continued... As it turned out, the next day had clear sky and then spring really began.

I chose the coldest possible day to come here by the weather prediction to have a walk from Otepää to Kääriku, 10 km. That was great.

The old buildings had been taken down already.

I hoped to get under -20 C but it was a warm winter. At least I got this.

What you see here is a halo called subsun. It is not very common, I have seen this probably three times only.

Of course, the typical sundogs and parts of 22-degree halo were there as well.

The new has replaced the old.

That nice spruce is gone too (see an earlier photo above).

Since I stayed in this new building, more photos of it. It is a nice building.


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