Monday 29 May 2017

571 Copenhagen 19.04.2015, part 2 of 3

This is more like a typical block in other countries. Seeing all the other buildings, it is even strange to see any such here somewhere.

I can't help myself: this looks incredibly dull, even depressive and like a prison. Is it possible to live a happy life inside here? Imagine Lasnamäe in Tallinn built with such... I feel that even a thought of this is too violent.

Strange combination: a theatre or cinema looking house on top of an entirely different supermarket.

Wow, true blocks again. They don't look half as dull as those oldies.

Such a beauty. It was probably a cheaper kind of car back then, nothing too special, but when compared to the current cars, this is just simple beauty.


I enjoyed the minimalism of this landscape between the minimalistic buildings. Here the dullness is kind of saved thanks to the landscape surrounding it. This could be a social housing area but I am not sure.

These towers don't look good. It is like using the same idea of dullness on a block.

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