Thursday 18 May 2017

565 Copenhagen 18.04.2015, part 1 of 5

On this day I walked around quite a lot and found lots of interesting and even surprising architecture.

That's where I started from, view from the window to a backyard of a hotel in the centre.

Right next to the railway station.

When this guy saw me taking photos, he wanted me to take one of him too and was happy about it! I think I can't remember any other such occasion.

Tivoli park.

Old and very interesting!

Very nice and modern.

Oh dear, do people really live in prisons like that?

I see much more value and beauty in it today than I saw then.

This one was particularly interesting.


Among others, this house seems to say: "Don't look at me like that! The architecture of the time just looked like that and my designer had his own problems to solve, so I am what I am and don't be too picky!"

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