Monday 17 October 2016

480 Nõmme 2006-2013, part 1 of 2

So far there have been posts about Nõmme from sub-areas Männiku and Pääsküla. Nõmme used to be a separate satellite town for Tallinn in the past (even 100 years ago I think). That's why Tallinn street in Tallinn is located in Nõmme. Also, this has been mostly private house area so there are much less blocks than usual. But there is still interesting architecture.

Lossi 18 / Soone 3. I was surprised to see such nice houses and environment when I saw them.

ARK. This may be technically in Mustamäe.

And the former audio cassette factory Theka (or perhaps even Tallinna Helikassetitehas in the past). The architecture makes me feel that this house looks like behind a rainy car window. By this article (in Estonian) this house is used by ARK now. There is also an older photo of this house.

Free day as it was, but Sunday anyway. A walk in snowy and sunny Nõmme is one of the best things to do in Tallinn. Walking along Pärnu mnt first.

I have an old photo of that house in background in post 37 when it used to look much nicer (grey-brown).

Nõmme Lunastaja Kirik (a Lutheran church).

This is really in the middle of all private houses. Like Salme culture house in Kalamaja.

This house at Õie 42 and its fence are very special. I searched for it and found this has been declared as valuable cultural heritage. It was built in 1935. I also saw white version of this so maybe they painted it.

This style, art deco or something, was popular even in wooden houses back then.

Area at Nõmme keskus, that is between Turu plats and railway station, is very interesting. Here it is at least partly.

This was probably the soviet time railway station.

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