Sunday 16 October 2016

479 Pelgulinn and Merimetsa 2006-2016

Photos from northern parts of Tallinn.

Hospital in Merimetsa, at Paldiski mnt.

I think I took this from Kakumäe peninsula.


By today this soviet-time shop building has been changed to something else, darker. Here it is much more like original or perhaps it is original. I believe this shop was known not only in Tallinn but around Estonia for some reason. What was sold here, I don't know. Grocery? Furniture? Thinking about this building, I recalled that I have no photos of once famous Furniture house (Mööblimaja).



This school building at Mulla street has been recently renovated. This part looks and looked especially beautiful. The above-mentioned Furniture house is very close to this, almost right behind it.

I don't like these colours.

Some police building is being built. Strange house.

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