Thursday 17 March 2016

415 Kitseküla 2007 and 2015

More photos from Kitseküla area that surrounds Pärnu road. It was quite of a discovery when I happened to drive through this area in the rain last summer when coming off the train and saw all those nice houses.



After the previous photos and recalling my memories from rain, I decided to go and see the area more comprehensively.

Can it be that this tree is really that much taller?

There's a long row of houses at Asula (can be translated as Settlement) street. A pre-block-area from 1950's I think.

I tried to catch the plane.

Without the plane.

This one looks so old and cozy.

I stepped between the buildings. Pärnu road is in the right, behind the buildings.

Looking back.

This is an interesting example. Obviously they tried to fill the gap with something similar. I think this was built around 2000, maybe even 2005.

And as a final part of the street: a true block! Even better: a unique one!

Perfect view!

Reached the Magdaleena hospital again, first time ever in this side. It is a very beautiful building.

Walking towards Pärnu road.

The reddish house is already on the other side of Pärnu road. There's an embassy here.

But I turned around and went to the other direction, seeing many interesting buildings and enjoyable streetviews.

When taking this photo, I saw that a doubledecker red tourist bus went by! They probably thought that they were not the only tourists exploring around there.

This is really beautiful.

This is so stylish!

I reached Tondi street.

With this, yet another unknown corner of Tallinn was discovered. There are many many more...

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