Wednesday 2 March 2016

414 Pärnu road 2012-2015

That day was the day when bus (or public transport) drivers in Tallinn had a strike. So after work I went back home on foot and got these nice nightly photos. There was about -5 to -10 degrees.

Tammsaare way.

In the center, close to Freedom square.

There was Tere building earlier which is already taken down. Now there will be something new, see 28.06.15 below.

Tallinn Construction school was not renovated yet. Now it looks completely different and the house in the left has been either rebuilt or heavily improved and modernised, I think it's also taller than in this photo.






The construction of new office buildings as seen from a bit further and from a neighbouring one.

Nice overview of this area from the plane. Delta Plaza is on top right corner.


Around Delta Plaza. I went there to take the photos because of those two new towers.

Sad but the left one's colour is hideous. So sad. Why many architects don't understand the importance of colours? Also, the nice right one got hideous and cheap colours on it: the vertical lines were later covered with yellow, red and (probably light) green.What? Why ruin a building already good enough with terrible colour combination? Like the colourful triple in Nõmme centre. I feel that architects add these unnecessary additions because they feel they have to do that. How come?

Views along Järvevana way when reaching that area.

View from Mustamäe.

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