Saturday 9 August 2014

262 Milton Keynes 07.2010, part 1 of 3

This small town is the spookiest I have ever visited, hence very memorable. I was there during weekend and the central part of the city was eerily empty. There were people, but they had gathered to certain areas only, like huge supermarket and "Free house". It was built to relieve the housing congestion in London. The centre is just a grid, but outside the centre where most people live, it is everything but the grid: curvy streets. And then, of course, roundabouts for cars so that there are little traffic lights. All houses are low, perhaps 3 levels average, except newer ones, so generally there are no "landmarks" if you look around, just trees and nearby houses. Wikipedia article has more information. I went to this place because a British guy who once, after hearing about my interest in block houses, just mentioned that I would love Milton Keynes then. That was a reason good enough to go there :) I posted many photos here that are not just houses but also that greenery that is everywhere there.


The pedestrian crosses. Pedestrian walks are covered and there were no traffic lights.

Long streets of The Grid.

Huge shopping centre.

It was very hot outside, but it was cool inside!

Backyard felt like sauna.

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