Friday 1 August 2014

260 Manchester 07.2010, part 3 of 3


Very nice houses! I stayed in one such.

My last day in M'r. That hall looks brilliant!

Yesterday I saw an ATM with fixed fee: for me like a God-send angel. I wasn't very experienced traveller, I was out of cash and was suspicious about ATM-s because of possible high fees, taken as % of the amount of money. So I got some money and got back to the centre by bus next day. Bus tickets cost a lot, but that was my only alternative.

I think the story is that this company has been running ever since.

But my shoulders also had enough and they forced me to do something. So I got this, besides, with about half the price of Tallinn's prices when I checked out later. One backpack into this, the other to the normal position and life was pretty different after that :)

My next city to visit was Derby and I took this green bus.

I don't know if this is Manchester anymore, but I think it is and it is somewhere in the outskirts.

I have forgotten how on earth did I get such a photo from the bus, but I did :)

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