Friday 17 January 2014

200 Tallinn's blocks and other buildings from old books

For the post nr. 200 I decided to show something different. These are scanned photos from my architecture books, most of which are about Tallinn. I once posted these photos in too. (It is a good place to note that there is a special Commieblocks Fan Club in this forum, link on the right.)

In or before 1965.

The balconies on the left should be bright blue today.

Tallinn Technical University or TTÜ (then Tallinn Polytechnical Institute or TPI) was as good as the starting point of Mustamäe.

In or before 1972.

This should be on Mustamäe way, close to Tammsaare way busstop.

Today this is a busstop called Lehola, it's on Vilde way. Very famous restaurant and party-place Kännu Kukk was also in this building somewhere.

In or before 1973.

I remember that after moving to Tallinn and Mustamäe, I wondered several years, where is this. Then I found it, it's right next to Tammsaare way.

In or before 1976.

This should be in the corner of Mustamäe way and Vilde way, and if this is a trolley bus, then probably nr. 1 (line nr. 5 today doesn't have these long trolleys, perhaps back then too).

Akadeemia (Academy) way in front, Ehitajate (Builders') way a bit farther.

In or before 1983.

In or before 1987. Ehitajate (Builders') way.

Sõpruse (Friendship) avenue, today's Vambola and Liivaku busstops are in this area.

Plan for Mustamäe in or before 1973.

In 1961.

In or before 1985.
As seen from Old Town over the centre.

In or before 1987.

In or before 1983.

In or before 1985.

In or before 1987.


In or before 1985. People who say that they don't like this in the centre are... right! Centre is for other type of architecture. One of the architects of Tallinn told in a documentary that actually, this was built because the plan had to be fulfilled (I hope my memory doesn't joke here). And/or the same goes for small block-area in Kristiine (Marja and Välja streets). The blocks were produced and produced and the houses had to be built somewhere. Nice houses, but in a wrong place.

In or before 1965.

In or before 1985.

Sketch from 1965 or earlier. Drawings of this type are themselves timetravels, this is a form of art. This is amazingly nice view.

Sketch of service house in Laikmaa street (now this house is turned into Tallink hotel, but perhaps only 25% as nice as this one).

Narva road in or before 1985.

Narva road in or before 1987. Left building is now covered with green glass and it has three steeples or towers.

Hotel Olümpia in or before 1985. Today it is much brighter. At one point the glass facade was replaced and I've seen somewhere that somebdody used some of these glass panels to build a little house or something (at least use these for roof).

Tallinn's Department Store
In or before 1962.

In or before 1973.

In or before 1985. You see how nice this building actually was. And what has businessmen turned this nice building into (in 2004 I think)? An architectural failure, actually a disaster. It is too bad that money has so much power over people that they let go of more fundamental values. It makes everything cheap and ruins a lot. Our nice Department Store building is a true victim of that.

Viru hotel
Old Town, Viru hotel and centre in or before 1985. Gonsiori (then Lomonossovi) street in the centre of this photo is still not connected to Laagna way that goes through Lasnamäe.

In 1972. One of the city architects was sorry that he allowed to build this so close to Old Town. But the conditions were so much different: a hotel was badly needed and the building materials and workers could be from Finland -- just like it all happened. One of the possible locations was also close to Russalka monument but the border service didn't allow that because it was too close to sea. There is a very interesting book by Sakari Nupponen in Finnish and Estonian about this hotel. It was published in Estonian in 2007 by Eesti Ekspressi Kirjastus and the title is "Viru hotell ja tema aeg".

In the same year or a year before.

In or before 1975.

In or before 1985.

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