Tuesday 16 April 2013

162 Tartu: old and new coach station, shopping centre, Emajõe Ärikeskus

Now here are pictures from different periods of time of the same place and some views around it.

Old coach station
I remember that I took this photo because I thought that this view will be different in the future. It really is now. Old coach station is visible on the right, tall Emajõe Ärikeskus on the left.

Old coach station on the other side. I took this photo because I had heard that this beautiful building will be demolished soon.

It is still standing, these are views from Turu street. I am sorry that I didn't take picture of the very nice wall on the right.

I think the additional roof that was on the left side (as seen on the right in the picture of 27.06.03) has been removed already.

It was so nice building! It's a crime that it was replaced by something anonymous and foreign.

Emajõe Ärikeskus and the surrounding shopping centre


As will be seen in a forthcoming post about the new department store of Tartu, the whole field is empty, old coach station taken down.

On the right you can see the new coach station. Smaller than the old, half not as nice as the old.

A closer view.




"Tasku" means "Pocket". The higher and older building on the left, Emajõe Ärikeskus, is also called "Pläsku" because of it's form (small bottle for alcohol).

That big bunch of houses from inside, as seen from the other side of the new coach station.

Another new building in front of the new coach station.


I went to Tartu to see the big flood and this is one of the views. Usually people walk down there.

Even old soviet-time Hotel Tartu is visible here.

View over the bridge, Emajõe Ärikeskus is behind me on the left.

View towards the same bridge.

This place was flooded in a picture above.

This gives a pretty nice picture of where Tartu is.

Other views
This nice block should be on Poe (Shop) street, looking over the park across the street. On the other side of the park is the new department store.

Atlantis party and conference house. Originally, it was a restaurant and maybe still is.

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