Saturday 6 October 2012

113 Kohtla-Järve in August 2012

Few shots of Kohtla-Järve city. From the car or bus window only, but still something. Definately a place where to go for a comprehensive photo-tour.

This photo reveals something unbelievable: the leftside building looks identical to the (six) buildings in Sõpruse avenue in Tallinn. It's the first place other than Tallinn where I see a building like this.

Mountains. Well, made of ash and such, but still :)

My goodness, this looks really depressive. But it's pretty much unique.

I'm afraid that this building was in use in the past but was left derelict for some bad reason... Buildings of the same type exist in Tartu (Narva road and Nooruse street dormitories) and Tallinn (Pelguranna area), I can't remind any more at the moment. Anyway, this is the third city where I see such building.

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