Monday 12 March 2012

088 Kehra in 05.09.2009

My first visit to that place, I was on my bike. I took a train to that place first.

Typical soviet-time grocery, now closed and abandoned, as it looks.

If Tallinn were not so close then all these blocks would be only 2-3 storeyed.

Lasnamäe has the same blocks.

Wow, that looks very good!

That's something unique.

And another in the row, exactly the same.

Yea, a field right next to this place, awesome!

If there were the 5th floor, it would look like in Mustamäe in Tallinn! Or Väike-Õismäe in Tallinn.

That's very beautiful!

I really like this one!

Going back to the centre.

Back to the railway station and over.

Kind of a stalkerish factory...

Ehh, I still had to go back to the centre, to eat something I think.

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