Friday 2 March 2012

086 Jüri 05.09.2009

Now some very interesting pictures from Jüri, a living area close to Tallinn, right next to the Tartu road. It was such a beautiful bike trip to there, so beautiful and enjoyable.

I started arriving to Jüri.

In smaller places in Estonia this type of buildings are mostly three-storeyed buildings, but here it's four-sroreyed.

Also this one has typically only three storeys.

I didn't recognize it at first, but see, there's a building where they've built a new storey on top of three!

This is another building like that! First time I see such! Still, I've seen that in Vilnius too.

Such a nice beauty! There's one almost identical in Hargla (check my labels).


Such a nice view!

Also a very nice view.

New buildings.

That was a school if I am correct.

Nice building!

Newer blocks in the middle of old.


And another wow!

I like these two-storeys!

I'm getting closer to the Tartu road now.

Very very nice!

The backside of the same building. One of the strangest libing buildigs I've ever seen. It looks like they've built something typical on top of the ground floor of some very old building. The backside looks weird but cozy and enjoyable.

You can see these from the Tartu road.

In general, I feel that this place has been filled with a variety of nice blocks and there are old, weird, and new reectangular buildings.

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