Monday 30 January 2012

077 Mustamäe in January and February 2008


A former cross of Ehitajate way and Keskuse street. Now it has been reconstructed.

A sad and depressing view from the kitchen window?... Not for me! :)


One of the unique buildings in Mustamäe. Slim windows look cool outside, but I don't think it's nice to live in a room with narrow window.

Now they build extra 4 floors on top of this new building.

Very nice and brand new computer-related college or something.

It took two years to walk behind my house into that place and get such a nice view!

A morning with a UFO.

A better look.

Vilde tee 90 half renovated now!


New Sipelga living houses. They look good!

This one is my favourite!

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