Sunday 15 January 2012

068 Mustamäe in October 2006

I have lots of pictures from Mustamäe yet to put here so I start where I stopped last time before many amazing posts of Lasnamäe.

Early morning sky from my window.

It was my vacation and I wanted to grasp photos and videos of the morning traffic. So here they are, different pictures from different places.

Also a video from youtube from the very same moments, uploaded ages ago:

And another video some 25 meters away, starting with the view along Vilde tee and then turning back to see the same cross as in the previous video.

After these I walked further to another cross. That's on Vilde tee/way.

And Lehola busttop on the right.

Again a historic photo already, that turnback on the cross of Sõpruse pst. and Vilde tee doesn't exist anymore.

And a video of this turnback place. Only public transport + taxis was allowed to turn left directly, all other vehicles had to go to the right first and then turn back. It had been like that for many many years I suppose, maybe even from the beginning.

Now some pictures from the Lepistiku busstop (on the city-center direction).

And a video from this scene:

That's the Lepistiku busstop, there is a park called Lepistiku on the left, with ducks.

Now several pictures from the cross of Sõpruse pst. and Tammsaare tee, and videos.

Now these views are historic: no new houses yet!

And two videos of usual traffic in this cross of Sõpruse pst. and Tammsaare tee (first one not available in Youtube, second video, from Youtube, is better and longer):

Still the same cross but from another angle. That large block is just amazingly beautiful! Architect should be Raine Karp, the same who designed Tallinna Linnahall.

View from the same cross along Tammsaare tee/way.

And turning around:

This is perfect! Wonderful wonderful Mustamäe!

Starman headquarters.

Nice building, but probably one of the cheapest, problematic, and most criminal houses in Mustamäe. But I still enjoy the outside look of it. Well done!

That is on the edge of Mustamäe.

My house is on the right.

So enjoyable view from my window!

One of my goals that day was to make pictures of a brand new student's house at Raja 4D.

That's the other side.

And here is another brand new building. A Skype headquarters as it turned out.

I really like that design!

In general, this block is worth of Mustamäe!

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