Wednesday 7 September 2016

474 Tähtvere 24.05.2015, part 2 of 2

Continuing my walk in this nice area and reach more blocks at the end. First many more beauties from 1930's to 1970's.

This one can perhaps be considered as one of the most typical private house from around 1960's.

The little details, stripes upside down, are getting lost soon if they won't be preserved.

Those lovely staircase halls... I think one such was visible from inside in Estonian comedy movie "Noor pensionär" ("Young Pensioner") from 1960's.

That sign B&B hints that maybe this is related to Airbnb.

I will go and see those bricks more closely later when I walk around this area. It seems to be some kindergarten here. Also, children with certain disabilities are probably taught somewhere in this area.

This is absolutely perfect and also unique, probably 1970's.


Something with one (ground) floor only hints that the problem of getting into second floor with a wheelchair has been automatically eliminated. I don't know if this is the case here though.

Now I walked a bit further to see closely the area around the tall dormitory of Eesti Maaülikool (Estonian University of Life Sciences).

One of the two main dormitories in this area.

The other dormitory. I am sure this was the tallest dwelling building in Tartu for decades.

Surprise hidden behind the trees. This whole area was so interesting and village-like, there's a little park and stream in it... but also with blocks.

Another surprise building.

There were even more secrets.

Over the street (that goes to Tallinn). One of the new above-mentioned University buildings. The edge of Tartu is very close to here.

I'm not so fond of colour solution here but in general I would say this is still fine. Much better than many others. Besides, this colour resembles the colour that it had in the past.

And a surprising third one similar to the other two. This is quite unique beacuse of the colour of bricks. Such were rarely used in Estonia, much more in Lithuania.


These colours don't go.

Unique house again. I had never seen such (or have forgotten).

Railway to Jõgeva and further to Tallinn is in the left.

I really liked this walk because I found nice buildigs here which I had no idea of before, even though I had passed this place many times, but had never peeked into it.

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