Wednesday 7 September 2016

473 Tähtvere 24.05.2015, part 1 of 2

I have rarely walked around this area but I happened to have free time this time so I walked little bit more. There are just few blocks. Houses are mostly private houses from the 1930's and later I think.

Very interesting!

This is probably the gym of a school.

This was probably the original school building.

Colours are perfect but the renovation project has tortured and ruined the house completely. By the sign on the far right it seems to be a house for a certain students' "corporation". This house looks like after the cut of something (tumour?) and the wound has been nicely polished, but this is an ugly wound anyway.

I wonder if there are more windows on the other side...

This is so simple and beautiful.

This one is great!

And this one is great. There are so many nice houses here.

It was the time when my previous camera got worse and worse so I couldn't properly set the brightness of the photo based on the image in LCD screen. That's why this and many other photos look like in the moonlight.

That left part is obviously for the staircase. This looks very nice.

Now the 2 blocks in this area, Taara pst. 1 and 1a.

Unique and very beautiful.

These blocks look so nice with the surrounding area, just like in Germany.

Interesting place to walk, very beautiful.

Very nice example of certain minimalism again.

These also remind me Germany. Not low but not too high either. Just that in Germany there were many more such.

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