Saturday 3 September 2016

472 Tammelinn 2015

This is bigger neighbouring area of Variku, has mostly private houses. The name means "City/Town of Oaks".


A unique house.

Local eating place or pub.

This was added to the older house. Should've been a separate one.

This place had once some magic. None of my high school class photos in spring had all pupils, but there was an excursion led by our physics teacher and as it happened, everybody was there and there was a group photo too. We saw the inside of this house then. I remember that I saw the "monitor" looking device which had a little picture with colourful stripes and black and white stripes and rectangles and we were told that this was exactly the thing that was used to show on TV screens in soviet time when there was no programme on air (and sound was just some constant and annoying frequency so better turn off the TV than hearing that).

This was also a related house. Maybe those old things were here, not in the low one.

Very nice colours.

Very unique.

View along Tamme pst. (Oak avenue).

Mureli street.

Two hours later when walking along Tamme pst.

Variku in the left, Tammelinn in the right. Railway goes to Valga.


View towards Ränilinn at the edge of Tartu from the edge of Tammelinn.

One superb example after another.

I don't like this type. Garages in front of houses turn this into some office or warehouse. There is similar block in Kiili.

Former Institute of Physics (Füüsika Instituut or FI), now part of University of Tartu, in Ränilinn.

One of the strangest additions to change that typical block into something else. Which hints it was made at the very end of 1980's or even later.

Very beautiful horizontal shade, haven't seen such before.

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