Thursday 1 September 2016

471 Veeriku 24.04.2016

It happened that I had some extra free time which I hadn't planned. So I didn't have a map with me and I thought I'd just walk and see what I will see. To my surprise, I found many blocks that I didn't have any idea about before! Visiting this part of Veeriku has never been in my plans. I just saw something new and interesting, followed it, and then found new and new buildings...

My planned trip was into this area at Ilmatsalu street. I used to come here when I was a student and just watch these wonderful powerlines and masts.

Dormitory of students far away.

More houses from Tähtvere (over the railway).

There used to be a building instead of these heaps, and one could freely enter it, which I did many times, also took photos. That building was used as for making splinters (for roads), that machinery was still visible inside.

But now there's a gate preventing to go there.

Houses at Ilmatsalu street.

Two examples.

I couldn't remember those colourful houses and they led me "astray". Older photo from this is in post nr. 160 (2009).

And this was here already in 2009.

But then I didn't go into this side.

And coming here, I saw more interesting blocks:

For me, this looks just fabulous! It is an attempt to create something a bit nicer than just a plain block. It looks like there have been examples from Germany or something to end up with this.

I really enjoyed this and am happy that there is something like that in Estonia. By the way, this is Arhitekti (Architect) street.

In the left there are bushes, then grass, and then street/road which is border of Tartu. And Õssu behind the border which also had blocks.

There was lots of interesting architecture indeed. This one is like a super short version of a typical block.

I just liked this.

And this is something outrageous. You can see that there is back part which seems to be built in 1960's. The red part seems to be added in 1980's, making the house very interesting.

Another little commieblock. The minimalist/empty balconies in the left are extremely cool. They haven't been spoiled with anything.

This one is just interesting. There can be stories and fairytales and lots of memories inside.

One of the most beautiful architecture!

Plus the nice colours. It is just so special.

Now I got to these blocks that I wanted to see in the first place.

Neo-commieblock, or just neo-block, very nice.

They look both nice and somewhat strange.

And my big surprise: towerblocks! These are unfortunately "invisible" in maps.

More calm colours than the one in Annelinn few posts ago.

It happened that I had accidentally changed the program of my camera (the wheel turned in pocket) and instead of just one photo it took a whole series! They look cool, and I didn't know that it is capable of doing such things. Why not to show them all, here they are.

This is very interesting.

Off colours from 1970's?

I had to leave by this time so I couldn't go closer to that one.

New and very cool! Even red fits here.

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