Tuesday 26 October 2021

734 Some photos from Horisont journals 1972-1980

Here are some photos from different Horisont journals. Not all cover photos are included, only few for example.

On the cover are inside views of the former Library of University of Tartu in Toome hill but today that old building, part of which is in ruins (a church) is the Museum of University of Tartu.

Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

Academy city.

Odeillo, France.

This issue had all kinds of information about the Moon, hence the cover.

Tashkent again: museum, future underground metro station and a park.

Technical-scientific buildings in Šmerli, Rīga.

This is probably Moscow.

Medical research buildings.

Tallinn collage.

Pärnu road in Tallinn in 1961 and 1973. It is roughly the same area.

Jerevan, Armenia.

Shevtshenko, West-Kazakhstan.

A project for cybernetic tower in Paris.

Belgrade / Београд, Serbia.

Kuybyshev, Russia, today it has its older name Samara.

Tõravere in Tartu county.

Tallinn Technical University.

Olympic fire flaming in the Tallinn Olympic Centre.

Inner part of the new main post office.

And the view outside.

The airport.

Olympic centre.

Inside the airport (1st photo) and Linnahall.

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