Wednesday 9 September 2020

695 Lasnamäe in the second half of 2019

More Paepargi photos, also from another edge of the lake than the previous photos.

Those cars on Laagna tee are actually part of Tenet movie: we happened to be there at that time when it was made and couldn't get over a bridge for a while. My interest wasn't to get any shots of the movie-making (I had forgotten that this takes place there) but, as usually, the architecture. Still I saw at one point how the cars were driving backwards with a constant speed about 10-20 km/h and that is probably seen in the movie too.



Unbelievable how terrible this is! The colours, of course.

This one is relatively OK which is right next to the previous one.

If that one stays green like that, it's plain ugly! The other towerblocks are nice so why make this one hideous then?

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