Sunday 22 September 2019

637 Viimsi 2018

Brand new houses close to the parish centre.


I am at the Viimsi manor.

This was ready to go! But we wanted rather to walk.

Right next to the park.

In the park.

Some cute friends.

From the park to the (shopping) centre.

A new house called Viimsi Äritare.

On the former stadium.

Former part of the stadium.

These low buildings used to be for Viimsi Kalur kolhoz and maybe even for a wider use.

It looked like this in 1981 (taken from here):

These steeples are about 9 km away. Later you will see what are these three exactly.

Surprising hidden architecture.

This shop looks so cozy and nostalgic, like from 1970's.

The ground was full of cotton-like stuff from certain trees, almost like snow.

The former three towers are now clearly distinguishable.

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