Saturday 8 December 2018

618 Haabersti and Pikaliiva 10.11.2018

I had an extremely nice walk recently in this area. The reason to go out today was the neighbour doing repairs in his apartment and that noise (constant loud beats) became unbearable. I had to escape somewhere. New residential area in Pikaliiva was my ultimate goal but I saw more than that as usual, nice nature too but only few examples of that. It was my first visit to this area.

This is related to local rowing activity (sõudebaas). Right next to Harku lake. Nice wooden house.

Reaching Pikaliiva older part.

Nice colours.

Here is the new area across the road (Rannamõisa tee).

Incredible colours and patterns! There was so much of that...

Two red dots.

Wow, this was so amazing view here and in the previous photo too.

Here I have already reached Vana-Rannamõisa tee and walking along that towards Rannamõisa tee.

This is probably Tanuma 9a. I had never seen these before.

Back to Rannamõista tee.

Weird because many trees had been taken down last summer.

Old trees were taken down, new were built.

Super nice building Rannamõista tee 3 with Arigato sport club.

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