Thursday 22 March 2018

592 Tallinn centre 2017

Hotel Hilton found its way on the former place of hotel Kungla. Photos are taken from a bus window.

The backside of the brown houses at Narva mnt.

New highrise in Maakri district.

Gonsiori street, Television house.

A little bit further.

Near Narva mnt., view towards Ahtri street which is further away behind the buildings. This isn't directly visible from the street, so I saw this first time.

This nice house was finally renovated outside.

On the left of it. Concrete pigeons guarding the street edge (nice job for them).

The same new highrise. Looks completed outside. I like this simplicity. I think the Radisson hotel on the right as the first of all of them doesn't look good at all.

Nice mural on a Tartu mnt. house.

Views from the Academic Library.

Rotermanni new building.

It happens. But the pictures behind worked well.

New higher building in or close to Maakri district, Novira Plaza at right.

Another mural in Tartu mnt. The rest of the photos are all taken from a walk on Tartu mnt.

New courthouse.

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