Sunday 22 January 2017

526 Keila 2006-2013, part 4 of 4

Last part of Keila walk on 21.04.13.

Interesting, nobody seemed to notice.

Two blocks having similar way of painting for the edge wall!

Oh, even tree such similarly looking blocks, quite an achievement!

No way, there was even fourth one in the row, unvelievable!

That same row from the other side.

Few photos also from this church.

That's reality -- thunder has to be caught.

Here I entered kind of a special small-town block area: low blocks (or bricks) with architecture that is more usual in small towns. Keila is not that big but here, most probably because of nearness to Tallinn, it has its own newer and higher block area which I visited earlier this day.

That thing revolved around its axis. I don't know what was it doing there.

Very original?

Do they really think that that ugly grid helps them from thiefs? :) More likely they want to spare the old artistic window from birds.

The name says it all.

Back in centre.

Unbelievable: builders of that house from 1950's would turn themselves on graves if they would hear that this house is now used for a capitalist bank!

Oddity of the first kind but very interesting indeed. Looks too small for a cinema...

View from plane, the whole town!

From here I saw that there were more block! They are at the right edge. Next time I will go there. Also, some low bricks are visible on the other side of the railway, also in the right part of the photo. The green area in thelower left corner was at least partly flooded as was seen in earlier posts. The church is very close to the left edge.

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