Monday 18 July 2016

455 Eiguliai 22.04.2014, part 3 of 3

Last part of Eiguliai photos.

One very nice thing there were these low bushes. There were many such and they are really nicely decorative.

Grey, brown and yellow, as main colours there, were also very enjoyable.

Somewhere here I chatted a bit with a Russian-speaking older man. He was probably surprised that somebody takes photos of these buildings.

I think the red one is terrible, the grey one quite nice except the red colour. I would seriously consider moving out from a house like this if I had lived there before the change.

Exceptionally beautiful. So simple to achieve if people would only think or ask good advice before painting.

I got back to where I started from.

That house belongs to Kalniečiai.

And few photos from Kalniečiai.

This area was very much enjoyable! Nice example of soviet-time Lithuanian achitecture and (hopefully) planning too (locals know better than me).

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