Wednesday 6 April 2016

420 Keldrimäe 2013-2015

This area was built because the factory that produced concrete panels could not be stopped. Well, it could but then the numbers that show the soviet building progress up and up would not go so much up anymore and that would be really bad... (Kristiine blocks were built for the same reason because Väike-Õismäe ground preparing took too much time.) So this area was chosen and the chief architect has repented this decision later -- too close to the centre. Earlier photos of this area can be found in post nr. 8.

Faint 22-degree halo in clouds over Keldrimäe houses, seen from Tartu road.

From the roof of Radisson hotel (there's a cafeteria).

Hideous colour! You can see the original grey in the post nr. 8 from April 2011. Such a sad case when one of the most beautiful and unique buildings in Tallinn is renovated and the colour selection is so terrble. Why did they mix that disturbing pink in it? The original grey was so perfectly fine. Such colour is just irritating and I don't enjoy this building anymore.

Next two photos are also seen in post nr. 337.

Below you can see fantastic urban views from behind these two buildings.

I knew there will be a building here soon so I took this photo before this view is gone. Buildings further are over at Tartu road.

From the plane. The whole central market area is visible which is kind of heart of Keldrimäe area.

I started off from Liivalaia street.

Very nice new house, there was just a parking lot before and possibly some other house even before that.

Few new houses in this area.

It is slightly above average architecture, but what makes it so much worse is the colour of window frames: red! How terrible is that!

Not so safe balconies (yet).

One corner of the central market.

This is probably Mardi street.

The first picture of this post was taken from that house there (at Tartu road).

Colour selection of these 2-3 buildings is also not very successful -- so different.

This one was built only recently.

This one seems to be built in 1990's.

View over the Tartu road.

This view is so enjoyable.


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