Saturday 20 February 2016

408 Kristiine and Tondi 2006-2016

I finally visited a tiny block area around Seebi street, the area bordering with Tammsaare way.

First an overview from plane on 22.10.14. It is basically that small area. The building at the right edge is also seen below (a run down old building) and the front area with trees is now gradually replaced by new houses that are also shown below.

Now many photos seen from Pärnu road, taken in different times.


View along Tammsaare way.



On the left is Seebi street,

Seen through the building construction of Delta Plaza.







And now into the area.

I started off from Tondi street by walking along Seebi and Oksa streets.

Those buildings are along Pärnu road, on both sides. The rightmost building is Delta Plaza, the middle ones are the newest in this area. The wall itself along Seebi street is probably the backside of a long row of car garages.

This will be probably filled with houses at some point in the future.

The other side of this house faces directly the busy Tammsaare way. I have passed this house so many times from the other side but I see this side probably first time.

The whole blockarea is actually the surrounding of this yard as was seen in the first photo.

Now this is an example of... something that I don't even know exactly what. But it is an example of something. It reminds Hiinalinn/Chinatown (Ülejõe) in Tartu, also houses in Astangu in Tallinn which both were built by soldiers. Since this area was inhabited by soldiers already about hundred years ago (you will see old red houses below) and the street names here have military bias, this one was probably built by the soldiers too. (Strange that among all the military names, there's suddenly the Soap street (Seebi).)

View along Mars street.

And now to the new buildings. They are right opposite the run down yellow one.

Tennis hall as much as I know.

The building of this on 25.07.08, seen from Tammsaare way.

Now these are the soldiers barracks along Tondi street. Here they are still run down but further they have been renovated.

This is probably Sõjakooli (Warschool) street. Such a nice abandoned area but at the right of the picture there are these grey new buildings.

That grey house far away is at the Rivi street (two photos in post nr. 316). Hard to translate but "rivi" here means the straight line formed by standing soldiers.

Abandoned view towards Pärnu road.

We went to Tondi street along Sammu (Footstep) street. By the way, Tondi street means Ghost street but this has nothing to do with ghosts but rather a foreign name von Dunten or similar who was the owner of this area long time ago, and his name was estonianised like some other foreign names. It just was the word "tont" (ghost) that was closest tho this name. Seeing these abandoned buildings, the name seems to justify itself though.

The other blocks of this area around Tondi street are already shown in posts nr. 312 and 316 so I didn't take any more photos of them this time.

Few more photos from Kristiine.

A hospital called "Meremeeste haigla" (Sailors' hospital).

Nice new building on Sõpruse avenue.

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