Wednesday 28 August 2013

178 Mežciems in 24.04.2010, part I

Next block area Mežciems, meaning something like "Forest hamlet" or "Forest village". "Mežs" is one of the few words that are similar to Estonian: "mets" means forest.

Approaching the place from another district called Jugla.

I see that somebody is sitting and eating -- I didn't notice him at all while taking the picture! I generally avoid people getting on pictures because I want to take pictures of buildings and secondly, they may not like it.

The little picture on the right already gives the meaning for the text on the left.

It started raining! I took this under my umbrella.

That is very nice.

So nice! Like in UK.

Now compare the upper picture with this one in Tallinn (Väike-Õismäe): it's exactly the same idea, three higher blocks right next to a local shopping centre.

These look really good.

Wow! What a beauty is that!

This is amazing.

See the next part as well, this is an amazing area indeed :)

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