Monday 24 June 2013

170 Orava in April 2013

This is a place that I knew of when I was in primary school but I had never been here. Now finally, during my nice bicycle trip back from algebra workshop, I could see this small place, it's blocks, and took photos of it.


First block is already a unique one! I really haven't seen such design before.

This one is more common.

Local castle...

Identical with a block in Veriora, neighbouring parish.

This is very interesting because I thought that concrete balcony edges were not in use in countryside in Southern Estonia. Here I can see such balconies.

Fantastic design and colours! Unique architecture again!

Local school.

House for parish government. Very strange, but interesting one.

Busstop with national patterns painted on it. Nice idea that has spread out recently.

Local shop at the very edge of Orava.

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