Sunday 17 February 2013

158 Raadi-Kruusamäe in Tartu

This was one of my nicest spring walks ever in the quiet evening in Tartu... Besides, it was yet another area of many bricks and blocks that I didn't phototour back then. I walked to my destination in parallel with Puiestee street.

First, an old photo of a massive factory building right next to the main road that drives through this area, Puiestee street.


Such a beauty this is...

What is going on here? At least it's painted and in good condition.

Tartu dialect seen on the old sign: "Õnsa omma ne koolnu, kes Issandan koolwa". I think Võro dialect would be "Õndsa ommava neo koolnuq, kes Issandan koolõvaq" -- at least I would say it like that. And it's certainly different from standard Estonian: "Õndsad on need (surnud), kes Issandas surevad".

Drunk and loud. A homeless house is nearby.

Drunk and loud.

I couldn't miss this superb architecture/design from 1920's or 1930's.

That colour...

Quiet evening on a quiet (that's what Vaikne means) street!!

Incredibly nice gates in 1960's style.

Some low and private blocks.

Enough for this post, I'll continue in the next one, including Ülejõe blocks.

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