Saturday 3 November 2012

120 Mustamäe in spring and summer 2011

Now some more pictures from my dear Mustamäe!

On Sõpruse avenue.


I did an amazing walking tour that day, the spring was even more than amazing, and thanks to one lovely lady I could get inside of one of the 9-floorers to take pictures from a higher level. Whoever that was, thank you very much again! These pictures are very nice and important.

The cross of Sõpruse avenue and J. Sütiste way.

On the left also E. Vilde way is visible.

Two old beauties. Like grandmother and grandfather?

This view doesn't exist anymore because the Magistral shopping centre ( was recently modernized and enlarged: the parking area on the right is now part of the building and the look of the building also changed a little bit.

Old Town and church steeples are in 5 km distance.


Isn't that perfect? It's one of the greatest achievements of soviet building art.

Now to another area. There are four large blocks in a row, at the edge of Mustamäe. Very enjoyable place.


The new market was opened.

Flag of Mustamäe.

I was surprised to see that this nice place was under renovation.

Very cool effect!


I went to see new dormitories of TTÜ on Akadeemia way.

Main building of TTÜ seen from the backyard.

Leaving university.

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