Friday 13 July 2012

102 Mustamäe and Nõmme in 28.12.2008

A little walk before the end of the year in Mustamäe and neighbouring area Nõmme, having views all over Tallinn.

This is Sõpruse avenue.

Now I got to Nõmme and this is a photo of the old market building before it was burnt down next year in April (and was rebuilt in it's original form and reopened another year later).

Views from Nõmme to Mustamäe.

Even two higher and newer buildings from Rocca al Mare are seen behind. The blue part behind them is the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea).

Here are two higher buildings of Mustamäe (at the edges) and Väike-Õismäe (in the centre).

I think those four red buildings belong to Pelguranna block-area (on Kolde avenue).

Some beautifully renovated blocks at the edge of Mustamäe.

Old Town is visible behind the blocks. It reminds me that there was a period of time in Soviet era when both the centre and Old Town and Mustamäe belonged one and the same administrative area! Perhaps this photo is the one and only reason for that, obviously not a sufficient one :)

Some more views of Mustamäe with the higher buildings of the centre behind.

Glehn's castle.

This one is here only for completion, also built by Nikolai von Glehn.

These nice white blocks belong to Nõmme, close to or in the Trummi street.

These should be in Külmallika street (Cold-Spring street---there are springs neraby). One of the most original dwelling houses I've ever seen. But it may be that there is too little light inside, unless this is carefully planned that the sun is mostly on the other side. But there are trees on the other side too.

We didn't have snow yet, but wt least some crisp!

Back in Mustamäe, a view over the trolley-park, visible is a block from Väike-Õismäe.

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