Sunday 12 February 2012

082 Viimsi and Haabneeme in 2006-2008

These are some photos I made shortly after moving to Tallinn. Haabneeme is an area in Viimsi peninsula, right next to the border of Tallinn.

First some older blocks. I think I haven't done any serious walking between these buildings.

Entering a recently built area.

This is probably the hospital on the right, and an unfinished part of the hospital from the end of soviet time.

It's pretty similar with the Library of University of Tartu built around 1980.




Such a nice old local shop in Miiduranna (before Haabneeme).

It's a busstop before Viimsi but it may belong to Tallinn area, I'm not sure. I enjoyed the dereliction.

Now it is finally finished! It is a bit under construction in above pictures!

So terribly nostalgic!


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