Tuesday 17 May 2011

015 Hargla 2007, 2008, and 2010

A small post from a small place Hargla which is close to the border of Valga and Võru county in Southern Estonia. My grandparents lived there so this place is part of my childhood. My grandfather was the director of Hargla school (he managed the building of the new white building in soviet time), my grandmother was there a teacher.

But here, some soviet time silicate-brick and blockbuildings. My grandmother still lives in one of the latter.


I am so sorry that they took down trees in this green area. It was so beautiful! And I am sorry that I don't have a picture of that when trees were still there. Did they really cut them down to have less work with leaves in autumn?

So many memories and stories related to this house...

...and this little playground... When I was a kid I went into this big tyre. There was some sand and once I made a whirlwind with my hands so it started like smoking outside. The boilerman (-woman actually) walked by and I told her that it is burning here. She was a bit drunk (I think) and believed me. Or just fooled me showing that she believed.


The old house is visible. There is a monument right in the left in this picture, can't remember exactly, about what. War-related certainly.

Still soviet era busstop. I am glad it is still there and thay haven't replaced that with something modern.

Of course I have more photos, but those are not about buildings.


From the window of one of these blockbuildings. Enjoyable, isn't it?

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