Saturday 12 February 2011

002 Mustamäe 26.02.2006

I moved to Tallinn at the beginning of February in 2006 and I started living in Mustamäe. I wanted to wait a bit before making trips in the best commieblock areas. So this is my first trip in the best place on earth! It is all around my house.

That was the view from my kitchen and living room. Gorgeous!

Right part of the view from my kitchen. This 9-floorer is just amazingly beautiful! If I am correct, the designer is an Estonian, the same architect who planned Linnahall in Tallinn, Raine Karp.

You see, it might be a bit monotone, but these black wooden parts and loggias make it just superb, isn't it!

 That's the house I moved to, I lived on the 5th floor.

I saw these every morning when I went to work!

What a beauty!

Just a usual view right next to this nice building. This isn't any spectacular view actually, but as I wrote in my introduction, my purpose is not to post just the very best views of these buildings and streets but rather to give a realistic picture of how it all looks like. So, every morning and night, going to work and back home, I enjoyed these nice buildings, but I also had a walk under these nice pines.

And there is another one facing it over the street (Ehitajate tee / Builders' way), right next to the cross with Vilde tee / Vilde way! These are unique in Mustamäe.


Ehitajate tee / Builders' way.

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