Sunday 26 July 2020

681 Mustamäe in spring 2019

At Lehola stop.

New house at Sütiste tee 17A.

Lepistiku park.


New local medical center.

An earlier photo of construction:

Mustamäe Elamuste Keskus.

This is the path I expected to appear some time ago and now it really is so.


From Mustamäe Elamuste Keskus.


Tehnopol area.

I came here to see these new buildings at Heli street. Heli (Sound) coming of course from the nearby building that used to be Tallinna Helikassetitehas (Tallinn Tape Factory).

Again in the same area. I saw these: so even more new buildings will replace this nice park.

I am in one of these buildings at Karsti street.

Empty at edges? How is this cleaned -- dirt possibly going down?

Views from above.

The repainting of this chimney was only recently (almost) finished.

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