Wednesday 8 July 2020

672 Pärnu in February 2020, part 1 of 6

I had planned the trip earlier but it happened that it was very stormy and windy when I got there so I could take less photos of architecture than I wanted. Nevertheless, I saw amazing stuff there. And I enjoyed the storm.

Views from Port Artur 2 building, from a nice pizza place on the last floor.

I took this as well for a memory of this day.

That looked nice and old, like from the 1990's.

In the beach area.

Such a nice building!

Very interesting building.

This one was even more interesting!

Because it's from Soviet time.

Only in Finnish...

The water had come that far during the night.

But there's a certain height to reach that far!

The small park at the beach is very nice.

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