Thursday 9 July 2020

674 Pärnu in February 2020, part 3 of 6

I stayed in a building that was like a revelation: I had no idea that there is a building like that in Pärnu! It is hotel Tervis. I chose this because it was built in soviet time. And that paid off a lot! I took so many photos of it and here are some of them. There were many people visiting! But I avoided them carefully on my photos again because I don't want to take photos of people. So it may look empty here but in reality that was not so at all. During the morning and evening meals the dining room was packed (and hence no photos of that nice room).

First some photos taken from inside. This is the typical walking path, what an effort!

Hotel Estonia is visible.

I had no idea yet where I was exactly until I found out later. The view from outside to here is just so nice.

These separate walking paths were connecting buildings on the second floor.

The riverside where it meets the bay.

I wondered where is this part of the building here? Later it turned out I actually stayed on this part by myself!

So nice and nostalgic!

I liked these even though I didn't use them: the minimalistic look that's here is just amazing.

When I looked down: dark outside makes the inner light reflecting, it was like walking in a big building that is full of mirrors and paths like that.

Very beautiful interior.

Next day was sunny so I got even better photos. But it was clear: be it sunny or not, this place is absolutely amazing anyway.

These walking paths even had a special plan with a text or logo of Eesti Terviserajad which made me laugh: I've seen those only in the nature so far but here the buildings are connected and so big in total that one can easily have a kilometre walk when going certain ways as directed.

So there you go, here it is and I realised only now where I had really stayed.

It's like a small town-village of its own. There was even a shop with the entrance also from outside.

That cube has a very beautiful interior with flowing water and plants which I visited only briefly for taking some earlier photos. A communal relaxing room, sort of.

Walking on the ice, by the way.

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